Russ on 31 August 2019

On Wednesday my friends Trish and Dave came out to the caravan park and we enjoyed several hours of conversation on a deck that overlooked the view from the park over the Sunshine Coast, it was great to catch up. We planned some walks for Thursday and a lunch, but the day was wet so […]

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Russ on 28 August 2019

After eight very restful days at Noosa I moved onto Ocean View Caravan Park, a big trip of around 80 Km, and the park really does have a wonderful ocean view over the Sunshine Coast.  The photo below is what I see from my van. Once set up, I went to Maleny to Mary Cairncross […]

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Russ on 26 August 2019

It’s Saturday and after nearly four weeks away and 5,500 Km I am still enjoying the journey.  I decided to check out a couple of National Parks so headed off for Tewantin National Park and up Mt Tinbeerwah where there is 1 Km walk to the summit.  Great views at the top, and there was […]

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Russ on 21 August 2019

Well you can’t win them all.  I called in at Gympie to see the water tower art there and it was a construction site.  Fenced off with 4 or 5 construction machines, a work shed and lots of other stuff.  I managed to sneak through the gate and get one clear photo.  The artwork is […]

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Russ on 18 August 2019

On Saturday I set off for Biggenden and visited the water tanks at Monto on the way.  There are two tanks painted with artwork, one looks quite old and is a depiction of Three Moon Creek Farm.  The story is that the farmer went to the creek to get a billy of water when the […]

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Russ on 17 August 2019

Not  far from the camp there was a rock overhang known as Bigfoot for obvious reasons.  It is a bit hard to see but there is another Staghorn on the top centre of the rock, it is amazing they survive in such harsh positions. I took a short walk (1.3 Km) to Two Storey Cave, […]

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Russ on 14 August 2019

Today, Tuesday, I headed off to Moura and Biloela, the most north that I will travel, and then onto Cania Gorge.  I will stay at Cania Gorge for 4 days and it will be good to have a break from packing up and driving most days.  I have to say most of the roads in […]

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Russ on 12 August 2019

My daughter Nadine let me know that Banjo Paterson wrote a poem on the town I passed the other day, “Come by Chance”, and the poem is worth a read.  You can read it at: On Saturday I set off from Yelarbon to go to Possum Park 20 Km north of Miles which is […]

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Russ on 9 August 2019

I drove 430 Km from Coonamble to St George in southern Queensland on Wednesday.  It was sad to see bare red earth, little vegetation, and trees dying or dead, the country is crying out for rain.  Strangely there were a few paddocks with crops going OK, but others with crops barely out of the ground […]

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Russ on 6 August 2019

I have included an map of my travels so far.  The map shows the zig zag journey necessary to pick up the art sites, 2400 Km and not even in Qld yet.   On Monday I stopped at Gunnedah where the old water tower is now a museum.  The artwork commemorates the Australian Army battle […]

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