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Innamincka and the Dig Tree

As I suspected the road to Innamincka was very rough in places, you feel like everything is going to shake apart, even your teeth. Heading west we crossed numerous sand dunes but the road was such that you had to … Continue reading

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Tibooburra to Sturt National Park

I had a great time at Tibooburra. The camp commandant Sophie organised a communal campfire every night and 12-14 people gathered each night for a very enjoyable friendly chat. I was camped next to Rob and Judy, farmers from near … Continue reading

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Tibooburra & Sturt National Park

On the way to Tibooburra from Mutawintji I passed Koonenberry Mountain on the east side, Burke and Wills passed on the west side.  It is an unusually large mountain in a very flat landscape.  The second photo below is an … Continue reading

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Mutawintji National Park

Headed East from Broken Hill for 85 Km on my way to Mutawintji National Park which is the site of Burke and Wills camp 40. Turned north on Waterbag Road and re-joined the track that was followed by Burke and … Continue reading

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Broken Hill

I decided to stay at Broken Hill for a few days to see some of the places we have missed on previous visits.  The town is dominated by massive slag heaps as you approach from the east, not very attractive. … Continue reading

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Balranald to Lake Mungo National Park

On the last day at Balranald I went out to Redbank Weir on the Murrumbidgee, which had been inaccessible on my last visit as the road was flooded. The Redgum forest surrounding the weir is the second largest in Australia … Continue reading

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Elmore to Balranald

I left Elmore in fog which continued for the first hour of the journey.  I visited Terrick Terrick National Park hoping to get a good photo from the drone.  It was still foggy which was disappointing, but I took a … Continue reading

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Follow Burke & Wills Continued

My journey following the travels of Burke & Wills has resumed.  Last year I reached their depot camp at Menindee and turned south because it was too hot.  Having just started the trip with 8 °C outside there is a … Continue reading

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