Marg on 29 September 2011

I am in hysterics, just heard on the radio from a woman who rang in to report funny things kids say, her example was “Mum, my bum just swallowed a marble”!! Our last night at Karte was shared with another couple from Victoria, towing – you guessed it – a Kimberley Karavan!!  They had been […]

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Marg on 28 September 2011

Ngarkat (pronounced Narrkat) – what can I say, except another beautiful spot.  More Mallees perhaps, very sandy, a great walk, taking us to a high spot, where you could see all the crops of a neighbouring farm and the overview of the rest of the park.  A new pit toilet, water tank, old shed, occupied […]

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Marg on 22 September 2011

As you can probably tell, we haven’t done much.  Sitting and small walks must be what is required at the moment. It has been great to sit around a fire at night – this must be the first time we’ve been allowed to have a fire for ages.  Sorry, fellow climate change believers, but there […]

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Marg on 19 September 2011

Off again, for a bit longer this time!!   Arrived at an idyllic setting on the Wimmera River in the Little Desert National Park.  375km northwest of Melbourne, we are on the eastern block, from Dimboola.  We have stayed a few times in the other end of the park at Kiata, but this has the […]

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