Marg on 31 March 2013

Before we left Freycinet National Park, we visited Friendly Beaches.  There is a listed walk there that you can take for from 5 minutes to 5 hours – you can guess which one we chose!  Another beautiful beach – what can we say – this is an amazing place. Some creative kids (or old kid), […]

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Marg on 26 March 2013

Stayed for two nights at Seven Mile Beach caravan park – a bit disappointing as it’s located right in the middle of a suburb and quite a way from the beach. One highlight was taking a shuttle bus to Salamanca market.  The bus visited several caravan parks, collecting passengers and took us up to a […]


Marg on 21 March 2013

Last night, at Mt Field, we finished off our enjoyable time there by having a fire BBQ in the Day Use Area.  It was great to have a wood fire, overlooking the Tyenna River.  While there, we looked across to a large flat area, possibly previously used for for camp sites, and we saw an […]

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Marg on 18 March 2013

Tall Tree Walk Just when I thought I’d seen the largest trees ever, we did this 30 minute walk.  Facing us throughout another wonderful forest were these massive trees.  I’m running out of descriptions, adjectives – you name it!  The track meanders through the forest for about one and a half kms, with bridges over […]

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Marg on 17 March 2013

We have booked into Mt Field National Park – a magnificent forest of extremely tall swamp gums – moss all over the fallen logs.  There is also Myrtle (Antarctic Beech), Blackwood, Leatherwood and very tall and extremely old tree ferns. The area at the back of our van is like a garden, of mossy grass, […]

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Marg on 15 March 2013

The day has arrived that we have been waiting for – the rail trip on the ABT Railway!  Up very early and waiting for the bus to take us to Queenstown at 8am – raining, windy, completely different to yesterday’s 35 degrees.  Our bus was late, but once aboard, everyone forgot about being wet.  It […]

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Marg on 11 March 2013

We have been in Tasmania for only 2 weeks – it feels like 2 months!! (in a good way). The caravan park is crammed full of long-weekenders, but we are lucky and have a end of row site, with a tree!!  We set up our camp, sat outside in the shade and thought about Tassie’s […]

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Marg on 9 March 2013

Two magnificent days at Arthur River, a magical spot in Tassie.  Disappointed with the caravan park – a paddock with two toilets per gender – but is only the place where we sleep, after all. The first day we went to “The Edge of the World”.  A breathtaking view of the Southern Ocean, where it […]

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Marg on 5 March 2013

On our last day at Cradle Mountain, we again had breakfast at the picnic area at the Ranger’s station, and then did the Knyvet Falls Walk.  Another beautiful place, although, again I think elderly people would have been disappointed with the grading of the walk.  The rest of the day was spent having a look […]

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Marg on 2 March 2013

We heard that the weather for the next three day was going to be excellent at Cradle Mountain, so instead of heading North to the coast, we arrived at this special place at 11am.  After coping with a very winding road for the first 15kms, there were loads of steep ascents and descents, meaning Russ […]

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