Noosa Region #2

It’s Saturday and after nearly four weeks away and 5,500 Km I am still enjoying the journey.  I decided to check out a couple of National Parks so headed off for Tewantin National Park and up Mt Tinbeerwah where there is 1 Km walk to the summit.  Great views at the top, and there was a group of people learning how to abseil off the mountain, must be mad.

View South over Glasshouse Mountains from Mt Tinbeerwah

On the way up on the walk you get a good view over Lake Cootharaba and my camp is on the shores of Lake Cootharaba.  If you use your imagination you can see a teddy bear in the cloud, maybe close 1-1/2 eyes.

View over Lake Cootharaba from Mt Tinbeerwah

From here I went to Woondum National Park and had lunch at Rock Pools picnic area, a picturesque spot to have lunch.

Rock Pool at Woondum NP

Only a trickle of water down the rock cascade.  There is a short walk through the rainforest where there are very tall Turpentine trees.  These trees were extensively harvested as the timber is close grained and resistant to decay and marine borers.

Tree at Woondum NP

I tried to take a photo that illustrated the height of the trees.  While having lunch I chatted with a trail bike rider, Alex, and I asked him if the road was a through road.  It was and he said he would show me the way.  It was a 4WD only track with a few rough bits but he waited for me if I got too far back.  If there was an embankment he would ride up it in a big loop, fearless.  We ended up at a lookout where there was a wedding going on, but I was able to walk through and see the view.

View from Woondum NP

On Saturday night I met my neighbours Cheryl and Henry and enjoyed good conversation, so much so that they invited me to join them for a roast dinner, which was excellent and well enjoyed.  The conversation continued next morning, so very convivial and relaxing.

On sunday I met up with Lisa and Billy McCann for lunch, Lisa was 4 year old when Marg was first introduced into her life and Margie was a constant childminder and companion for Lisa and her sister Giselle even though Margie was only just a teenager.  Their very close friendship continued from that time, it was a very special relationship.  To my knowledge, Giselle and Lisa are the only people who called Margie, Margie, apart from me, even though they spelt it Margi.  It was a great reunion with much reminiscing, sorry no photos, too busy talking.

On Monday I set off for a walk in Noosa National Park, but a complete failure.  No parking within 2 Km and hoards of people, so I beat a fast retreat, maybe next time.  So lunch at the cafe at the campground, a quiet afternoon, and a couple of wines with my neighbours Bob and Margaret, completed my stay at Habitat Noosa.  Tomorrow off the Landsborough and meeting up with Trish and Dave, friends forever.






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6 Responses to Noosa Region #2

  1. Barbara Gifford says:

    Looks fantastic Russ, glad you’re having a great time. Your photos are amazing.

  2. Russ says:

    Thanks Barb, it has been a great trip, I’ve met lots of good people. Russ xx

  3. Rhonda says:

    Say hi to Trish and Dave from us and hopefully we will catch up with them in Tokyo on our way home.
    Much love Rhon xx

  4. Russ says:

    Will do Rhon, it will be great to catch up. Love Russ xx

  5. David Incoll says:

    Wonderful scenery, Russ. It’s good to hear of your meetings with old friends and the makings of new friendships with fellow travellers.

    I confess, I had to close two eyes to see a teddy, but there it was!

    Enjoy the next leg of your journey.

  6. Russ says:

    David I think you are exaggerating, I’d accept 1-3/4 but not both closed! Maybe you didn’t have a teddy as a child, that could explain it.

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