Marg on 20 August 2014

The weather has been bad and, yes, the van leaked again, but with it jacked up in the front, at least the bed doesn’t get wet.  To add insult to injury, our three day stay at Mudgee was at the Riverland Caravan and Tourist Park, which was at best, less than average. We did get […]

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We left Charters Towers, knowing we had a long day ahead of us, but after 6 hours on the road, we decided to stop at Capella, instead of Emerald, another 56 kms further on. After setting up and we were relaxing, Russ looked at me and said that he thought that it was just as […]

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Marg on 4 August 2014

After an enjoyable week we rather reluctantly left Cowley Beach.  We exchanged our respective name cards with our neighbours, Philip and Rosemary.  A wonderful couple, who have been on the road for 15 years and took us under their wing, making sure we didn’t miss a ‘Happy Hour”, and made sure that we hosted our […]

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Marg on 31 July 2014

We dropped down over 700 metres off the Atherton Tableland and we are now surrounded by sugar cane, palms and a lovely beach. Swimming is not allowed because of stingers and crocodiles, although no-one has seen either. We are in a nice park – people have quite large sites, which is quite different to a […]

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Marg on 27 July 2014

It has rained and rained, but it’s not all bad.  The weather is warm, but after 3 days, we are a bit sick of it.  With this level of rain and warmth, you can almost see the grass grow! It hasn’t stopped us taking in this beautiful part of the world.  We have visited 4 […]

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Marg on 24 July 2014

What an incredible change in the country from where we have been previously.  We are now on the Atherton Tableland, surrounded by green hills, mountains in the distance and lush, dense rainforests.  There are people everywhere and Malanda has quite a few shops. On the way to Malanda Falls, we called in to Millstream Waterfall […]

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Marg on 20 July 2014

We arrived in Georgetown on Friday, a stayed at a budget caravan park, which was very squeezy, but lots of large, shady trees and a very friendly host.  Just up the road there was a lovely park, next to the swimming pool, so in the afternoon, we walked to it and enjoyed a glass of wine at […]

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Marg on 17 July 2014

An early morning start – at the station by 7:40am, for an 8:30am start, then bagged a seat, got a coffee and waited for departure to Croydon, 155 kms away.  There was the rail motor and two carriages.  The front rail-motor was full, so we chose the next one.  In retrospect, it was just as […]

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Marg on 15 July 2014

Well, we wanted hot weather and we’ve got it!  The caravan park (if you could call it that), is just dirt roads, no grass, everyone lined up, with trees at each site, thankfully – much needed for shade in the afternoons.  The temperature was 31 degrees when we arrived, the next day slightly hotter and […]

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Marg on 10 July 2014

It is Thursday the 10th July and we have just arrived in Cloncurry, booking in for two days. Our first night after Quilpie was Jundah – a very tidy, tiny town, where there is a caravan park with six powered sites and a brand new toilet block in the adjoining park.  You can tell the […]

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