Marg on 23 July 2009

We have one night left in our cushy environment, with heating etc., then tomorrow we are moving either to a gorge further into the Ranges or to a Station, not far from Blinman.  We treated ourselves to a meal at the Bistro today – I know – we are losing our outback spirit, but we […]

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Marg on 22 July 2009

On our walk yesterday, we passed the perfect place for lunch today.  So, after the most relaxing morning, where I sat outside and did some Sudokos, tea, coffee, Russ was busy preparing his case against Kimberley, inside on the computer.  We had a stale Turkish Pide, left in the bread bag and I had the […]

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Marg on 21 July 2009

Arrived two days ago to the greenest Flinders Ranges we have ever seen.  We have been here three times, the first with carcasses of animals in paddocks and on the road, red dirt on the ground, but strangely enough, the creeks still running.  This was 30 odd years ago and we stayed at East Brachina […]


Marg on 17 July 2009

15/7/09  Arrived at 10:30am from Menindee.  Rest has improved our spirits over the last couple of days.  We are surprised by the temperatures here – 4 degrees last night, 14 expected today.  The weather is picking up, but we are leaving tomorrow, heading for the Flinders Ranges.  Our expectations were dampened a little by tourists […]

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Marg on 16 July 2009

Historically amazing – presently, scenically challenged. A pessimistic beginning to a special place that Russ especially wanted to visit, but weather and road conditions have been against us. With unseasonable rain and road closures, in whatever direction we decide to travel, we are tending to look on the gloomy side. Arrived at Mungo, part of […]

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Marg on 15 July 2009

Finally got the van on the road again at about 2pm and headed for Turlee Station, 100km NE of Mildura.  No-one there on arrival, but followed the signs to the camping area, 2kms from the station, in quite a barren place.  There were some Rosewood trees and a toilet block, but compared to the entrance […]

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Marg on 12 July 2009

While our cabin is comfortable, we would rather be ‘on the road’.  The part for the brakes for the Kimberley comes in some time tomorrow, so we suppose that means Monday night here as well. The weather is sunny today, although a cool breeze keeps us on our toes.  Decided to go out for a […]

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Marg on 11 July 2009

Enjoyed a lovely warm night in a cabin that covers our needs, more than amply.  It is raining up here, so it’s not so bad being out of the caravan.  We remembered to ring food and wine out of the Caravan, but no games, books etc.  There’s a TV and a radio and I have […]

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Marg on 10 July 2009

First Night – Happy Valley in the Grampians Visited Langi Ghiran, to see if  it would be a suitable camp location for Cup Weekend.  Magnificent eucalypts, but pit toilets and no power or on-site vans.  Moved on to Happy Valley on the West side of the Grampians to a small camping park where we stayed […]

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