Russ on 11 September 2018

I am have enjoyed my stay in Kingston-on-Murray, the caravan park is right on the Murray and in an area of Australia that I haven’t stayed for more than an overnight stop.  It is also good to be in a place where you don’t have to sign your life away to buy a bottle of […]

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Russ on 8 September 2018

Wilmington is a very small town near Mt Remarkable National Park, east of Port Augusta. The central feature of the park is Alligator Gorge and the walk through it. It is a delightful walk with towering walls both sides and the gorge reduces in width to around 3 metres in a part called the Narrows. […]

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Russ on 4 September 2018

I planned 2 days in Quorn, but my arrival at Quorn clashed with a gathering of the Commercial Vehicle Association of Australia, truck geeks, so I was only able to stay for one night, as the park was booked out Saturday and Sunday nights. However I was able to bring forward a booking I had […]

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Russ on 29 August 2018

I decided to only stay two days at Ross River in the East McDonnells so I am less pushed to get to Quorn. They have a well-treed campground with some grass which they are trying to rejuvenate. One thing about the place is that it is not busy, only five other camps. The campground is […]

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Russ on 26 August 2018

While in The Alice I visited Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, a place Marg, Eric, Glenn, and I visited in 1990.  It is much more developed than then, but still a dry land landscape.  Marg and I and Eric each bought a seedling and I was keen to see how they had developed, they sold seedlings […]

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Russ on 22 August 2018

Left Glen Helen (Tues 21st) at about 7.45, temperature 2 °C, by 8.00 it was 7 °C and by 8.15 13 °C, the sun has a big impact, so glad to have power and a heater.  On the way in I visited Standley Chasm (Angkerle), the walk in is wonderful along a spring fed creek […]

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Russ on 20 August 2018

As I mentioned in my Kings Canyon blog the McDonnell Ranges were pushed up 300 – 350 million years age in a massive upheaval. So much so that at that time the west McDonnells were the height of the Himalaya’s at 10,000 metres, which is quite amazing given that the highest mountain, Mt Zeil is […]

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Russ on 19 August 2018

Off in the early morning (Thurs 17th) to complete the Kings Creek Walk, which traverses 1 Km along the valley of the canyon. It was a delightful walk in the cool morning, 17 °C, with lots of attractive healthy trees and shrubs. The walk is fairly flat with a few easy rock scrambles.     […]

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Russ on 18 August 2018

In last post I was wrong in the sunset photos about the bluff you climb to do the rim walk. It is not the one in the sunset photo, it seems as steep but it isn’t. Also the gorge in the photo is not Kings Canyon, how wrong can you get! On Thursday (16th) I […]

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Russ on 16 August 2018

I had an early start on Wednesday (15th), I went to the toilet and misread the time, started to have a wash and realised it was 5.20 not 6.20! Anyway I had slept for 8 hours already so I kept going and left the camp at 5.50. It was a bit traumatic as the diesel […]

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