Marg on 31 August 2008

Jurien is a very small town approx. 200kms north of Perth, with their footy grand final on this weekend – red and white streamers and balloons in the shops and a couple of blackboards wishing their lads the best. We are right on the beach, with white sand, but our interests are still taking us […]

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Marg on 29 August 2008

After a great week here it is time to leave for Jurien Bay, where we will do several day trips to National Parks, reported to have a diversity of flora unequalled in the world! Yesterday we went to Depot Hill again, as well as White Gums Nature Reserve, looking for the Blue China orchid. No […]

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Marg on 27 August 2008

Sorry guys, but more about wildflowers and orchids. The night before last, Russ went on a guided walk with other campers, with Allan giving everyone remarkable information about native plants, pollination, germination etc. etc. Russ came home, after three hours, stimulated and excited by all this amazing information. Botanists, scientists, entomologists, native bee specialists, people […]

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Marg on 27 August 2008

A post from Russ The Magno Men were really interested in, and enjoyed watching the bits of the Olympics we were able to watch, so they decided to stage their own games today. We didn’t have much time as we had to go out on a drive, but they fitted in some activities – Gumnut […]

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Marg on 24 August 2008

What an incredible journey this morning – we were so lucky to hear where the orchids were on the radio, whilst in Geraldton. Allan & Lorraine Tinker own this amazing 160 acre park, abutting another nature reserve. The owners of 10 vehicles met up this morning and set off for an exciting and rewarding experience. […]

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Marg on 23 August 2008

We’ve travelled in a full [zig zaggy] circle, staying at Coalseam Nature Reserve again, where we had our first river crossing, more than seven weeks ago. The Irwin River was way down and the deep river crossing was now a case of missing the deep puddles. There is a Camp Host there now, as is […]

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Marg on 22 August 2008

After listening to a discussion on the radio, about orchids, we headed to Canna, where we went to the “general store”, (now a Landmark centre), – closed – but excellent maps and information left out by the door [out of the howling gale], for a donation, on where to find orchids. As directed, parked a […]

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Marg on 20 August 2008

We’d thought we’d seen it all to date, but now that are in “wildflower country”, we know what that means. Advice from Geraldton was to visit the Mullewa Visitor Centre, where we received fantastic advice on where to find the rare Wreath Flowers and where to discover ORCHIDS, I have loved them for 40 or […]

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Marg on 17 August 2008

A post from Russ Yesterday we went on a drive out to two nature reserves near Yuna, a round trip of about 200Km. The flowers were simply stunning, fields of pink and white everlastings, followed by fields of yellow everlastings followed by fields of pink daisies, followed by fields of white and yellow daisies, etc, […]

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Marg on 13 August 2008

Before we left Gladstone, Russ realized that the plug connecting the electrics from the car to the van had broken and he painstakingly had to connect the seven connectors to the car, first of all, working out where each one had to go, and then taping them in with duct tape, to the car, so […]

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