Russ on 27 August 2007

Only a short distance to travel today, about 90kms, across the mighty Coopers Creek. What an amazing waterway! Down a one-lane bitumen road, with wide sides to access if road trains come the other way, but all we encountered were lots of cars, caravans etc. heading to Birdsville for the races next week. Welford was […]


The country around Mt Isa was really lovely, with red, rocky hills, covered in white, multi-trunked eucalypts (like Mallees), a wide assortment of bushes and grasses and dips where creeks would flow in the wet season. The road was one lane wide bitumen to Boulia, where we had lunch in a park. There is a […]


A long and arduous journey of 375kms (5 hours), at least two thirds of which was through bulldust, sometimes deep. It feels like you are driving though water or mud, and have little control over direction. Not my favourite surface! These lovely places we find to camp are often spoiled by the long and difficult […]


Russ on 20 August 2007

We arrived in Mt Isa (or The Isa to the locals), one day early, only to find that the only site left in the park is meant for overnight stops and is right on top of two other vans, but after being in the car for 7 hours, with Gregory Downs being the only place […]

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Russ on 19 August 2007

On the recommendation of our neighbours at Lawn Hill, we took the “easy” road to Kingfisher. After opening 11 gates and taking three and a half hours to do 140kms, we arrived without punctures and everything intact. The camping area is treed with redgums, and has GREEN grass, with the river about 40 metres away. […]

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Russ on 19 August 2007

Put the car in 4WD and headed up the hill from the creek bed from Gregory River, with me behind, taking photos! It looked easier driving up the hill than it did yesterday, driving down. 100kms of gravel road, first 45kms used by heavy vehicles, going to and from a copper mine, causing deep grooves […]

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14th August, 2007 Over the last ten days we have travelled to Carisbrooke Station, Cloncurry, GregoryRiver, Lawn Hill and we have arrived at Kingfisher Camping Ground. The road from Emerald was boring, but from Long Reach to Carisbrooke Station parts of the terrain improved.Brigaloe? Bush, Grevilleas, Wattles, Eucalypts, Banksias and Mitchell Grass made the trip […]

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Russ on 4 August 2007

4th August, 2007 We have again got internet access so we can update our journal. From Cania Gorge we travelled to Emerald in the central Queensland gemfields, a journey through undulating country with interesting changes in vegetation. Much better than the drive to the coast which was flat and very dry with not many trees. […]

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Russ on 4 August 2007

31st July, 2007 We have finally arrived at Cania Gorge right next to the National Park, after leaving the beautiful sunsets of Eurimbula NP. The ‘finally’ refers to our ‘short cut’, which took us over the steepest mountain we’ve every travelled, only to come across at sign 50kms down the track to say “road not […]

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