Marg on 29 October 2011

Monday was a terrible day with a howling gale so we went to Port McDonnell for lunch at a cafe – Perriwinkles.  Walking from the car to the cafe made us understand what it feels like to be in a cyclone!  Hard to keep your feet.  The food was excellent, Marg had Prawn twirl, which […]

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Marg on 23 October 2011

Still in SA, we camped for two nights at Kotjee Campground, in the Canunda National Park.  Great campsite, with fireplace, table and a grassed area around our van and our hopes raised for a good stay, ever in search of that elusive orchid. Followed a sign to Boozy Gully (thought we’d know our way there) […]

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Marg on 18 October 2011

We are extremely fortunate to be staying in a Heritage listed park, Lakeside, where the Office is the original stable, and has the original timbers, which were once used as ballast in a ship, which brought over other building materials from England.  The floor is unique and is called a “Pug & Post” floor and […]

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Marg on 16 October 2011

We stayed at Gemini Downs for 2 nights.  Gemini Downs is situated about two-thirds of the way down the Coorong. Their advertisement boasted a 6 hole golf course, indoor swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis.  All we were looking for was a gas BBQ, power and water.  Just as well, as the golf course was […]

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Marg on 14 October 2011

We have loved our stay in Goolwa and we have learned so much about the Coorong. The Ngarrindjeri people were the original inhabitants of the area.  Goolwa means “an elbow in the river” and Coorong means “a long narrow neck”, or “a narrow lagoon”. Our 4 hour trip on the Spirit of the Coorong was […]

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Marg on 12 October 2011

Before we left Clare we revisited Spring Gully Conservation Park and found 3 Greenhood orchids that we had either missed or were not out when we were there last.  By the way, I have edited my previous blog, because I called the park “String” Gully). We took another road to find orchids and found this […]

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Marg on 5 October 2011

Before leaving Burra, we went on the Tourist drive again and and took photos this time.  I haven’t drawn any yet!! We have booked in at Clare for a week – in retrospect, maybe we should have left the State! The caravan park was completely packed on Monday when we arrived, now you could swing […]

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Marg on 2 October 2011

The weather has been abominable!!!!  Today is not too bad except for a freezing wind.  We were going to go North to the Flinders Ranges and beyond, but the storms have been amazing and, in one night, there were 4000 lightning strikes around Innaminka.  The Simpson Desert has a massive fire around the Popples Corner, […]

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Marg on 29 September 2011

I am in hysterics, just heard on the radio from a woman who rang in to report funny things kids say, her example was “Mum, my bum just swallowed a marble”!! Our last night at Karte was shared with another couple from Victoria, towing – you guessed it – a Kimberley Karavan!!  They had been […]

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Marg on 28 September 2011

Ngarkat (pronounced Narrkat) – what can I say, except another beautiful spot.  More Mallees perhaps, very sandy, a great walk, taking us to a high spot, where you could see all the crops of a neighbouring farm and the overview of the rest of the park.  A new pit toilet, water tank, old shed, occupied […]

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