Marg on 29 July 2008

It is our third day in Exmouth and I’m sitting under a shelter, in a park in town, publishing this, and the previous two blogs, with an inverter coming from the car. Russ has been shopping and is walking around to find a place for lunch. We are on the edge of Cape Range National […]

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Marg on 29 July 2008

This is Wickham’s Grevillea We were up and about early today. Last night was freezing (must have been zero or less) and this morning, slightly warmer (two degrees). It is so cold at night that, as soon as the sun drops, it seems everyone in camp is in bed by 7pm. It is better to […]

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Marg on 29 July 2008

We might have had a bad day on our way here, but all I can say is it was worth the worry, cost of repairs and three days in Tom Price. After getting my hair cut at 9:30am, (Tom Price time 9:45, plus an hour for the cut), we set off for our most looked […]

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Marg on 22 July 2008

I’m writing this on our third day here. We are feeling more settled and have recovered from our ordeal. Russ has organised all the repairs, bought a new tyre and has replaced the faulty spare. Tom Price is an Iron Ore mining town, with a post office, supermarket, hairdresser, hardware etc. Just the bare necessities, […]

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I realized in my last blog that I didn’t include many photos of Mt Augustus. Here are a few, but they don’t show the enormity of it. There is also the view from our camp site. Easy pack up today, with the roof taken down yesterday and set off at 8:30am, looking forward to what […]


Marg on 20 July 2008

Another Day at Kennedy Ranges. MM exhausted after the walk, pinched Parp’s chair, but after being disturbed, went straight to their swag for a kip! They’ve found this place pretty heavy going, and even Yell Man has mellowed a bit. Green MM has come on in leaps and bounds and is giving the others a […]

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Left Kalbarri for our mid-west adventure to Kennedy Ranges National Park. Tonight’s destination is Gascoyne Junction, almost 500kms. Vegetation north of Kalbarri is very lush, with taller trees and a carpet of pin, vibrant and white flowers in patches, grasses with rust-coloured tops waving in the wind, like a wave. Red sand sets the scene […]

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Marg on 12 July 2008

“Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and a wanna go to bed, I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it’s gone right to my head. Wherever I may roam, over land and sea and foam, you’ll always hear me singing this song, show me the way to go home”! […]

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Marg on 11 July 2008

This may be the last blog before we set off, heading North. The MM are anxious to get going, although they will miss the spectacular views of the coast, south of Kalbarri. Trust them to get the best vantage position! We are going to Gasgoin Junction, then to Kennedy Ranges, Mt Augustus and beyond. Loads […]

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We had a lot of work to today. We are packing up on Sunday, so there was washing to do, a drain to be cleared and stocking up on meat and vegies. The MM protested about all the boring stuff and insisted on going surfing. They checked out our site number, before setting off, so […]

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