Marg on 29 February 2012

We spent 3 nights in Victor Harbour, through a heatwave that sounded as if it was across  the entire southern half of Australia.  Victor Harbour is a town with a great feel to it, many very characteristic old stone buildings and houses, a beautiful coastline, a main shopping strip, but a big Woolworth’s complex and […]

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Marg on 23 February 2012

A couple of terrible days at American River, due to extreme winds.  Couldn’t keep the gas stove alight to boil a kettle, so took the cork out of a bottle or two. The ferry ride back to the mainland was not as bad as the trip over, so we’d have to assume that Kangaroo Island […]

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Marg on 19 February 2012

Having a great time at Western KI Caravan Park which is very well managed.  It has lots of trees and a couple of bush walks to enjoy.  Our site has a garden of bushes and trees separating it from the next sites on each side.  Every day lots of wallabies and kangaroos appear and the […]

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Marg on 14 February 2012

We travelled from Stokes Bay via the North Coast Road (dirt).  We were going to call in at Western River Cove but the road was very steep and windy and not suitable for caravans, so we gave it a miss.  Instead we headed to Western KI Caravan Park and booked in for a week.  We […]

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Marg on 11 February 2012

Although we enjoyed our time at Brownlow, Kingscote, it was good to get out of the main town and head for Stokes Bay, on the North Coast.  The fees at Brownlow were $32 and the park was extremely old. Firstly, we called in at Emu Bay, thinking that we may stay a night there, but […]

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Marg on 8 February 2012

We are still in Kingscote, which was the site of the first settlement in SA.  The Duke of York (a ship called a Barque), from a UK based South Australian Company, arrived at Reeves Point on July 27th 1836. Today we visited the point, which is a very picturesque area, today housing picnic tables, a BBQ, […]

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Marg on 6 February 2012

The next day, after rain overnight and forecast of showers throughout the day, we decided it was time for a gourmet platter from nearby Chapman River winery.  We had a platter in the van, so asked if we could have a take-away platter made up and they said that we were the first people to […]

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Marg on 6 February 2012

We are finally on a powered site at Kingscote, so I can keep you up-to-date on the events of the last few days. On the last day at Brown Beach, we drove to Penneshaw and had a BBQ on the seafront, near Frenchman’s Rock.  (This is where the ferry terminal is.)  There is a rock […]

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Marg on 2 February 2012

We are finally here. We stayed at Tailem Bend, which meant an easy drive (approx. 160kms to Cape Jervis).  Tailem Bend was nothing to right home about, so I won’t. The ferry will take caravans at 1pm and 6pm, and we were there for the 1pm trip.  We were directed into the outside lane, (meaning […]

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