Marg on 9 August 2009

After leaving Muloorina we had a night at Leigh Creek to replenish supplies and update the blog, then off to Warraweena Station.  This is a private sanctuary in the Flinders about 30 Km north of Blinman.  The station is 355 Sq Km and is managed by a wildlife trust to bring back the bush and […]

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Marg on 5 August 2009

We travelled from Leigh Creek, via Lyndhurst, through barren gibber plains and clay pans – hardly any trees or shrubs, through Marree, then travelled north towards Muloorina Station.  More of the same country and we were wondering if we had made the correct decision, until, after 50 Km off the Oodnatta Track, in the distance, […]

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Marg on 1 August 2009

What a pleasant surprise.  My last memories, back 35 or so years, were of a desolate place, with rock everywhere.  Well all of the above is still here of course, but now there are well sign posted tracks, taking you to the most beautiful waterholes.  We first visited Bolla Bollana Spring, after inspecting the old […]

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Marg on 1 August 2009

It was sad to leave Alpana Station.  There are two roads to Arkaroola – one through Leigh Creek (on the highway) and a short cut from Blinman.  After the rain, we were a little dubious as to whether we’d tow the van through the slippery mud bits, but trusted the local’s advice that everything would […]

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Marg on 1 August 2009

It was sad to leave Wilpena, but we have not compromised our trip by doing so.  We are headed for Alpana Station, 5 kms south of Blinman (which is only a 54 km trip), so decided to detour through the Bunyeroo Gorge.  What a great decision that was!  Breathtaking views at every turn, loads of […]

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