Russ on 29 July 2007

Last nights roast lamb was delicious and carefully attended to by Russ.\ We work to some clouds and did not have any specific plans, but what a day it was! Nearby anglers gave us some yabbies for bait, so out came the rods and the whole catastrophe, and down to the beach, with some welcome […]

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Russ on 28 July 2007

After discovering Middle Creek and Bustard Beach Eurimbula NP (pronounced the same as Merimbula, without the M), we packed up and moved to Bustard Beach. The narrow, sandy road reminded us of Frazer Island and our camp site is in view of the ocean and a large creek. The water flows incredibly fast out to […]

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Russ on 26 July 2007

Thursday 26 July 2007 We have enjoyed this idyllic spot and we are really feeling in ‘holiday mode’ now. The weather is mild, often with a cool onshore breeze and I have been looking forward to a swim, but the best I could manage was a long wade through the water yesterday, which was cold […]

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Russ on 25 July 2007

24/07/07 We haven’t gone back in time, but have arrived at ‘The Town of 1770’. We were greeted by rain, yet again, but 21 degrees, so who’s compaining? Travelled 395 kms from Maroochydore through Maryborough, Childers (where we lunched), Bundaberg, Agnes Water, then 1770. Where ever we go, people are interested in our new Kimberley […]

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Russ on 23 July 2007

We have had a fantastic time here, hosted by Trish and Dave, to celebrate Trish’s birthday. What a birthday. Dinner Friday night, party Saturday, indoor picnic Sunday and breakfast Monday! Accompanied by Trish and Dave’s friends from NZ, the family and Aussie friends, including Barry, Rhon from Melbourne. Thanks everyone for a great extended weekend. […]

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