Marg on 29 October 2012

A lot has happened since our last blog. Again, we found another brilliant picnic area at Kianniny Bay.   Watched boats coming in from rough seas, enjoyed two families watching their children playing in the creek, then we were engrossed in their cricket game, without making them feel too conspicuous!  Te scenery along the East […]

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Marg on 18 October 2012

We had to spend two days confined to the van because of the shocking weather.  We were lucky not to experience the strong winds that the coast, further north suffered, but the rain was amazing.  100mms at least.  No camp kitchen facilities here. We spent several days there, drying everything out and enjoying the lovely […]

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Marg on 11 October 2012

Strange name, but a great location – we are camped next to the estuary, with a view to the ocean.  No fires unfortunately, but fabulous septic toilets, cold showers and only about 10 kms from Moruya. We have been around our camp most days as we’ve both got the reading bug.  Russ has walked to […]

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Marg on 5 October 2012

We are still at Murramarang Resort and have settled in, what seems like, for good.  We have extended our stay twice, mainly because of the school holidays, but there is everything we want here. The weather has been wonderful, with temperatures in the twenties and almost thirty yesterday.  Some days we have just stayed around […]

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