Before leaving Burra, we went on the Tourist drive again and and took photos this time.  I haven’t drawn any yet!!

We have booked in at Clare for a week – in retrospect, maybe we should have left the State!

The caravan park was completely packed on Monday when we arrived, now you could swing a cat in any direction (if you are prepared to stand out in the rain and wind) and not hit a soul, except us! [bit of an exaggeration.]

Our site was not available when we arrived, so to fill in time, we went to Mr Mick’s Cellar door and Restaurant.  We stayed for lunch and it was excellent.  They served a great selection of unusual Tapas, accompanied by a very good Rose.  We had White Bait with Wasabi and Coriander mayonnaise, and Wakami (seaweed), not very Spanish but delicious.  Then it was Kibbeh served with a yoghurt and mint dressing.  Again not very Spanish, but delicious.  We’ll be back again before the week has finished.

Yesterday, we braved the cool weather and went to Spring Gully Conservation Park.  There is a lot more water here than around Burra (even though it’s only 40kms up the road), so there are a lot more birds and there are trees everywhere.  While having lunch, we noticed pardalotes, parrots, honeyeaters and magpies all visiting the same hole in a eucalypt.  We first thought that they were fighting over the hole, then we realised that the hole was full of water – it was their watering hole.

The forest is the only reserve with Red Stringybarks left in South Australia.

We walked for an hour, photographing more of the same orchids that we saw at Karte, as well as dozens of wildflowers.  It was sheltered and extremely enjoyable and there was a lovely honey fragrance in the air from all the flowers.

We’ve bought some Saltbush lamb and delicious looking cutlets from a butcher in Burra made famous by Maggie Beer, so we are looking forward to the weather clearing and cooking these over a campfire.

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