We stayed at Gemini Downs for 2 nights.  Gemini Downs is situated about two-thirds of the way down the Coorong.

Their advertisement boasted a 6 hole golf course, indoor swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis.  All we were looking for was a gas BBQ, power and water.  Just as well, as the golf course was a foot deep in grass, the indoor swimming pool was locked, we couldn’t find a tennis court or table tennis area and we were told (after we asked the manager to clean the BBQ), that the BBQ was only available to people who hire the kitchen out at $100 per night!!  She did relent and allow us to use the BBQ!

Nevertheless, we did enjoy the area and loved the picnic area in the Coorong NP, where we went in search of a BBQ for breakfast.  Being out of luck, we called in at a little roadhouse at Policeman’s Point and we asked them to toast our ham and pineapple sandwiches, bought coffees, then headed up to Jack Point, in the NP, and walked to a Pelican’s Observatory.

Russ was disappointed because the advertised binoculars were not there and all we could see was an island in the distance that looked like it was snow capped (with pelicans).

We then raced back to camp, had showers, then prepared lunch and set off again, this time south of Salt Creek, to a lovely picnic table in a beautiful setting of Melaleucas and Mallees.  After lunch we walked the Ngrugle Ngoppun trail (aboriginal for ‘good walk’) and it was.  We searched for orchids, but with no luck.  We were going to do the Lakes walk, but it started to rain.

The Coorong finishes approx 40kms north of Kingston, which is about the same distance from Robe.


We headed for the Little Dip Conservation Park and followed some sand tracks down to two different camping areas.  Long Gully was just a large expanse of grass and no trees and the next was Old Man Lake Campground, where we nearly had to leave the caravan and car there permanently – as we got stuck in an area where we thought we would have room to turn around, but the caravan can’t do 6 point turns, like the car!!

After driving the car into a bush and giving ourselves another metre, we were able to back the van up and out of the campground.  Phew!!  It might have been just as well, as there was no shelter from the strong, freezing wind.

We are now staying in a lovely park in Robe – very bushy, right on the edge of the lake and feeling no pain.  We will revisit the conservation park for picnics in the next few days, where we hope to find the endangered Little Dip Spider orchid – out now, but difficult to find with all the pussy willows around.

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