Burra #2

The weather has been abominable!!!!  Today is not too bad except for a freezing wind.  We were going to go North to the Flinders Ranges and beyond, but the storms have been amazing and, in one night, there were 4000 lightning strikes around Innaminka.  The Simpson Desert has a massive fire around the Popples Corner, burning 4 million hectares so far.  They are controlling the fire at the SA border. The road to Broken Hill has been closed, and there are other fires in the areas we were going to see.

We are changing our trip and going to Clare, then along the south coast to see the replenished Coorong and Lake Alexandrina.  We have been following the Coorong’s revival and it will be very interesting to see if the precious water from the Murray River can do its magic and reduce the salt, that has poisoned this fragile environment.

We plan to stay in Clare for a week to enjoy some urban pleasures, so the blog may lacking interest, as it has done for the last six days!

Before we leave tomorrow, I plan to take some photos of the wonderful stone cottages, so maybe I might pluck up the courage to see if I can draw them, while relaxing at Clare.

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