Marg on 6 July 2014

It’s Sunday now, but last night, with the park is full to the brim (although it doesn’t feel crowded), we had our tea in the camp kitchen again and watched all the diners enjoying their beef camp oven, vegies, Johnny cakes, followed by custard and fruit.  We took our chairs around the fire just before […]

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Marg on 5 July 2014

I love Quilpie.  We have always had a good time here.  We are staying at the Channel Country Tourist Park, where everyone is friendly, the facilities are very clean and there is a good Camp Kitchen, which we have used every day.  There is a large communal campfire, where Ian and Eleanor put on meals […]

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Marg on 1 July 2014

We have enjoyed our stay in Bourke.  On the second day, we called in to the butcher’s, bought some garlic and herb sausages, their famous rissoles and headed to Mt. Oxley for a BBQ.  Firstly, we had to call into The Men’s Shed to pay $10 per person and receive a code for the lock […]

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Marg on 25 June 2014

We have had a very eventful time of it!  After a very relaxing time in Wilcannia, we headed to Tilpa along the Darling, on the eastside Road.  We found the first 20 kms or so easy going, then we hit a stretch of black mud.  Ahead of us we could just see something stationary, which […]

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Marg on 21 June 2014

Being on the Darling River again has rekindled the desire we had in 2011 – to follow the Darling.  We went as far as we could, but had to choose another route, due to flooding, so we are now able to see the next few stations along the river. We left Bindara and travelled towards […]

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Marg on 18 June 2014

We are not sure what we have done heading this way (all because of Black Cockatoo Bush Camp), but we are ready to admit that is was probably not the best decision we’ve made. This morning we woke to fog, with a very heavy mist that felt like rain, and we were thankful that we […]

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Marg on 15 June 2014

After driving through heavy rain for two hours, we arrived at Tanunda, in even heavier rain, eight degrees, and had to set up.  There isn’t as much to do as there used to be (in the Kimberley), but when you open the door and discover that water has been coming in while travelling – over […]

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Marg on 12 June 2014

We finally got away on Tuesday – a day late – but settled into the journey and realised that we are now on the road for a long time. We decided to head for Stawell, a favourite spot for us. It didn’t disappoint and we were flooded with memories of taking our very young children there […]

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