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It’s Sunday now, but last night, with the park is full to the brim (although it doesn’t feel crowded), we had our tea in the camp kitchen again and watched all the diners enjoying their beef camp oven, vegies, Johnny cakes, followed by custard and fruit.  We took our chairs around the fire just before their dessert and continued our conversation with a couple going to Birdsville for the John Williamson/Casey Chambers concert.  There are twenty four caravans leaving here tomorrow for Birdsvile.  It sounded very good, but will be very crowded.

20140705-Campfire Cooking at Quilpie Med

For the entertainment, they mentioned the ‘Quilbillies’ – we thought that could be good, so we stayed around to listen, little knowing that WE, and the rest of the audience, were the Quilbillies!  We all took turns to play two lager phone, the spoons, two bush basses and two heavy pieces of wood to clang together – I don’t know what they were called. We all had a ball.  Eleanor is a real character playing the bass, with her foot up on the bass box – Russ adopted the pose later in the night.  you can tell Russ is a Victorian, he was the only one in shorts!

20140705-Eleanor on Bush Base Med 20140705-Quilbillies Performing Med




People out here certainly know how to put on a good night.  The park is filling up again, so it looks like another fun night tonight.  We’ll be sad to leave in the morning.  As we said in yesterdays post, the entertainment and cooking is managed by Ian, a very capable cook and host, who, with his wife Eleanor, provide great meals and a comfortable and enjoyable environment

20140705-Quilpie Campfire Host and Cook Ian Med


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2 Responses to More to Say about Quilpie

  1. Ian and Eleanor says:

    G’day Marg and Russ…..
    It was great to have the chance to meet you both. What a wonderfull blog you have here.
    It has some great memories of some great travels that you both have had.
    Thank you for your positive comments about our camp kitchen in Quilpie.
    We are both chuffed that you felt it was worth such a complement and photos.
    We have sent your blog link to our family and friends, hope you don’t mind.
    Ian and Eleanor.

  2. Marg says:

    Thanks for your great comment. We meant every word about your food and entertainment and meeting you both was a wonderful bonus. You are welcome to send our blog to whomever you like. Thanks, Marg.

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