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We are not sure what we have done heading this way (all because of Black Cockatoo Bush Camp), but we are ready to admit that is was probably not the best decision we’ve made.

This morning we woke to fog, with a very heavy mist that felt like rain, and we were thankful that we were not packing up a tent.  Once on the road everything was fine and we were looking forward to reaching Burra – a town famous for its Cornish Pasty.  In the town, in the past, pasties were made for the miners (from Cornwall).  The tradition lives on, and this quaint little town is a great place for lunch.  We have stayed here a few times, visited the old mine and also frequent the butcher, who sells salt-fed Merino lamb and delicious, home made vienna frankfurts.

Decided to continue to Peterborough, another town often visited, famous for its Railway Museum.  We didn’t pay a visit to the museum this time, as this was just an overnight stop.

Next day, the weather is improving and we set off, in the direction of Broken Hill.  On this road, we passed a creek crossing with a difference!  This one had a Hills Hoist erected, lines full of washing and a washing basket.  The things people do!  It gave us some light relief from our journey and just before the outskirts of Broken Hill, we turned onto the Silver City Highway.  Yes, now we have to travel
more or less back East to Bindara, but there wasn’t a road across.

20140617-Clothesline on highway from Peterborough Med

Bindara is between Menindee and Pooncarie, which is comfortably set up for campers, caravaners, or has cottage accommodation for people needing a break from camping.  We mentioned that I need power to run my apnoea machine and Barb brought  down a bank of batteries, plus inverter and I was set to go.  The camping fee is usually $20 per night, but with this set up it was $30 for us.  We are here for two nights.

Our camp at Bindara is on the Darling River, close to a communal fire pit and a covered camp kitchen.

20140618-Camp at Bindara Med

There are 3 external gas BBQs. There is even an expresso coffee machine, coffee grinder which is available for use at $4 a cup, or $5, for coffee and cake – haven’t seen the cake yet, but I bet if I asked, it would be there in 5 minutes flat.  There is another couple here at the moment.  We chat around the fire, which feels very comfortable and easy.  The owner, Barb is great.  Her daughter and two grandsons are here (6 and 2). The 6 year old asked another couple when they arrived, Phil said “oh, about an hour ago”, to which he replied, “oh, I’ve been here forever”!  (We later found out that he’s been here 2 weeks!

20140618-Darling River at Bindara Med

With no heating in the van, last night was freezing, but worth the pain, because today has been magnificent, 18 degrees, clear skies and no wind.  We had jaffles for breakfast and a camp oven roast for lunch, which was delicious.  Heading to a station stay near Wilcannia tomorrow, we will visit Kinchera National Park on the way.



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