Strange name, but a great location – we are camped next to the estuary, with a view to the ocean.  No fires unfortunately, but fabulous septic toilets, cold showers and only about 10 kms from Moruya.

We have been around our camp most days as we’ve both got the reading bug.  Russ has walked to the beach and I’ve enjoyed looking at the birds and listening to the fish jumping in the estuary.

We did some shopping at Moruya and picnicked at Moruya Heads.  Moruya doesn’t seem to be on everyone’s favourite place for a holiday, but we think that Congo is definitely worth a visit.
Russ photographed the entrance to the river, Toragy Point and Shelly Beach.
All the granite required to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge was quarried and shaped at Moruya and a 20 ton block of granite was quarried, shaped and engraved for the Sydney Cenotaph.  All this was shipped to Sydney and the stonemasons were worried that the 20 ton block would sink the ship.
With a dire weather forecast pending, we have moved to Wallaga Lake, with power.  100 km winds are predicted, with 100 mm of rain expected. This camp looked like a shanty town at the beginning of the park, but the camping area is right on the lake and, through the rain, looks lovely.  Spoonbills, lovely hills in the distance and we are dry and warm!!

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  1. Adam says:

    Hi Guys
    We’ve been thinking about you in light of the weather forecast for the NSW south coast. Looks like you’ve survived it OK. Hopefully now you’ll have some warmer sunnier days for a while.
    Take care
    Adam & Co

  2. Marg says:

    No, it doesn’t. Just the patience to do it, sometimes when in areas without great reception!

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