A couple of terrible days at American River, due to extreme winds.  Couldn’t keep the gas stove alight to boil a kettle, so took the cork out of a bottle or two.

The ferry ride back to the mainland was not as bad as the trip over, so we’d have to assume that Kangaroo Island and the water in between, are subject to strong winds more often than not.  Cape Jervis was just as windy, but as we proceeded towards Victor Harbour, the winds abated.

Approximately 20kms from docking, we came across Deep Creek Conservation Park and after checking out several campgrounds, drove to Trig campground and settled in for a couple of days.  (3G weak).  A very picturesque place with yaccas (similar to grass trees, but with a very thick trunk and extremely tall flower stalks).  Our view from the van, towards the valley, shows a red hue of shea oak flowers, the sea and Kangaroo Island in the distance.

On our second day, Russ went on a hike to the Deep Creek Waterfalls.  This time we had the satellite phone problem sorted out and he headed off, leaving me to make a carrot cake in the Cobb.  I’m unable to walk, because of my legs.

The walk was very enjoyable, with views to the coast at times.  The decline on the last 800 metres was very steep and he was certainly puffing by the time he made the return journey.  Today he is a little more bow legged than usual.

We are presently in Victor Harbour where we can replenish our much depleted stores and have better phone reception with the UK.

I have to say that I have a good feeling about being back on the mainland.  The scenery and trees are a pleasure to the eye and the absence of wind, except for a lovely breeze, are much appreciated.

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  1. Adam says:

    Hi Guys
    Great to keep up to date with your latest adventure. I’m with you Marg – Bugger the wind! I’ll keep that in mind next time I think about visiting KI. Funny how you don’t see any wind in their TV ads.
    Enjoy the next leg of your journey and keep up the enterrtaining blog.
    Adam & Julie

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