Massive apologies for the time taken to say that we have actually arrived home. Sunday to be exact, but there have been so many issues to deal with and so much to do, that the blog came a bad LAST!

The busy Clare Valley meant we only stayed one night, but in the afternoon of our arrival, we visited two fantastic wineries – Reilly’s and Mt Surman. We were looking for suitable wines to buy for our neighbours, family and ourselves and almost found them all at Reilly’s – bottles of sparkling shiraz, genache and a vintage port!

On to Mt Surman, where we tasted a heavenly sparking shiraz and their two ports. One was a white port, with not enough brandy for us, but the other was delicious.

Jenny and her husband, from Mt Surman, are travelling to Melbourne shortly and onto the Dandenong Ranges, so out came the Melways, highlighters and while Jenny was away photocopying, we were allowed to sip away at the freshly opened sparkling Shiraz! YUM! We hope they make there way through the tunnels OK!!

With a couple of days up our sleeve, we decided to head for another favourite place – The Little Desert.  Set up camp in twenty seven degree or so temps, enjoyed all the wonderful work that the rangers have been doing here – planting loads of trees, setting up a wonderful camping environment, with tables and fireplaces and lit our first fire for ages.

Next morning, after surviving gale force winds [under gum trees], it was six degrees, with a wind chill factor of minus something or other.  We couldn’t even cook breakfast on the gas stove, so we set up with empty tummies and headed for home.

Walking into our new home was a great feeling for both of us (we’ll have to see where the MM are going to live – I’ll bet there’ll be a fight over rooms!!)

There must have been a power surge here, because computer, microwave, rangehood, and who knows what are all faulty.  Back into the swing of it well and truly, but we can’t forget the wonderful gorges, wildflowers, orchids and the very important comment posted to us while we were away.  We did over 15,000 kms and hearing from your friends and family when you are so far away is incredibly important.  Sometimes we even had comments and posts from strangers – that was quite amazing too.  Some were about the Kimberley Karavan and others were about Russ’ relatives in Wallacedale.

I hope you forgive my typos and grammatical mistakes and the positioning of those bloody photos!!

Marg & Russ

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  1. Pete Davidson says:

    Welcome home, hope it’s not too much of a culture shock. Thanks for sharing 🙂 i will need a new homepage now. Look forward to the hundreds of pics and the chats

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