Once we arrived in South Australia, we broke up the trip by lunching at Denial Bay, 20kms west of the quarantine checkpoint.  We bought two dozen oysters for dinner, and restocked our vegie crisper at Ceduna – where you have to pay practically double for fruit and veg.  Russ had his oysters ‘Mornay’ and I enjoyed mine ‘a la naturale!  We both thought they were the freshest oysters we have ever eaten.

Camped at Mount Wudinna, a 70 million year old granite outcrop – quite spectacular. We arrived to “no camping” signs, but after travelling 550kms, we were reluctant to move on and set up camp, hoping that no one would insist that we obey the rules.

Had our first good night’s sleep, being 11kms from the highway, without interruption and headed off in the morning for Mt Remarkable National Park.

On arrival at Wilmington, we found out that camping access to the national park was on the highway we had left, before crossing Horrock’s Pass.  We weren’t going to go back, so found a ‘bush camping ground’ at Wilmington and decided to stay for two nights, to explore the national park by foot.

With a picnic lunch prepared we travelled into this side of the park, up very steep and windy roads – absolutely no caravan access -and did three walks into Aligator Gorge, finding four different orchids to those we found in WA.  Had a great day and we’re looking forward to Clare tomorrow.

Rhys and Heath – We managed to find three more MM!!  Can you believe it??????  Can you count how many we have now?

They have tried to get the wheels moving on the bikes, by spinning the peddles around and around and played on a statue of a worn out kookaburra and enjoyed ring-a-ring-a-rosie around the butt of an old stump.  They are very worn out and have spent a lot of the time resting, or just making the new ones feel welcome.

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