Outback Trip 2009

Here we go again, off for a couple of months on an extended trip through outback NSW, Qld, NT and SA.  We will be visiting some favourite places and national parks along the way, places like Little Desert NP, Wyperfeld NP, Lake Mungo NP, Mutawinji NP, Sturt NP, Innaminka, Diamantina NP, Alice Springs, East and West MacDonnell’s, Gammon Ranges NP and the Flinders Ranges.  Well at least that’s the current plan, but Marg just cracked a couple of ribs last Saturday, which will delay our departure for a week or so.  Where we go will also depend on the weather.  If the nights are too cold, we will head for some favourite places on the mid-north coast of NSW.  Our first stop is Little Desert National Park.

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