I am testing out a few things Cam has told me about the site and how to compose and publish it, especially the photos. We have some more photos of the Magnet Men, so I’ll practice with them, plus, maybe a few others.

I think I’ve got the hang of it now – thanks again, Cam. x

A Tough LifeRoad of Yellow Sand

3 Comments on Test blog- might be interesting to Rhys and Heath

  1. Cam Incoll says:

    Some more really great photos – love the one of the road and the one of the gorge.

  2. Pete Davidson says:

    Hi guys, Adam gave me the link, hope you dont mind me… us (the girls are watching too)hitching a lift with you. Its draging back so many memories, i’ll be getting out my photos and diaries and boring the girls agaaain. Stay safe and enjoy.
    Pete Rach Shelb
    P.S. Ace work magno men

  3. Adam says:

    Hi Folks
    Great to hear you’re feeling totally relaxed in Kalbarri. What more could one want from a holiday? I’ll jump on Google-Earth and check out the area. Take care

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