Last night we had a beef fillet, roasted on our great little fire – no show without punch though, as the MMs insisted on lifting the lid! They are becoming a little bit bossy, to say the least.

This morning the temperature was approx. fifteen – previously up here has been eight to twenty five – and at the moment it is twenty five. Summer clothes are out and perfect weather for walking to see the wonderful gorges.

We drove to Ross Graham Lookout, then on to Hawks Head. Ross Graham, a dedicated conservationist, was the first school teacher in the area, who died in 1967 at the early age of 31years. The gorge was spectacular and after a short walk to the lookout, we were able to walk down to the Murchison River. The river can be dry at times, but with tropical rains, can be at least two metres higher than it was today.

Travelled on to Hawks Head, and a short paved walk to the lookout. The National Parks people have set things up very well, with toilets, and lovely lunch and rest areas. MMs sat quietly and ate their pre-prepared lunch. Quiet as last!

MMs quite restless, legs sore from the walks I suppose, so a quick play in the wattle, then they are into my bag demanding to hit the road!

MMs resting beautifully on the ride home, we stopped to take some photos of the flowers – a few more seem to open each day. Hope they’re not too boring.

Cam I think the yellow flower in the last blog was a grevillea, but it had very unusual foliage, with long grey/green leaves bushing at the bottom of the plant, then metre long branches above, with the flowers at the end. We’ve never seen anything like it before.

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