Kalbarri National Park

Yesterday, we drove into the National Park to ‘the Z Bend’ of the gorge. A short, but downhill and steps on the way, took us to the lookout, with a fantastic view of the gorge.

The photos don’t do it justice, especially with the deep oranges and purples of the cliffs and the brilliant greens of the trees and shrubs, so please use your imagination!

The drive in was through plains of grass trees, then slightly larger shrubs, all looking as though they have a very tough life. The trees are often naturally bonsai-ed (the word doesn’t look right without the hyphen. The wildflowers aren’t quite out in full flower yet – we are a bit early, but here are a few we saw along the way.

The Magnet Men had a ball on the banksia flower and couldn’t resist playing “ring-a-ring-a-rosie”.

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  1. Cam Incoll says:

    Nanni – we love the photos of the flowers, especially the ones with the magnet men!

    Mum – The banksia is spectacular, and is that a yellow grevillea?

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