Rain and cooler temperatures were forecast for today, so we used this time to charge my IPod, charge the computer, check emails, watch a DVD on using Squigeys for bait, then rode our bikes into town to have lunch at the local Tavern. A rude awakening though, when we were charged an extra $12 for a bottle of Rose, just because we were dining in! We had previously bought the same bottle, to takeaway, for $12.50 – dine in – $24.50!

We ordered garlic bread to start, and calamari – entree size, but no calamari, so had to change the order to prawn and avocado foccacia for me and steak and roasted tomato relish foccacia for Russ. Garlic bread arrived at the same time as the meals so we were offered a complementary caramel cheese cake, to make amends, finishing off the meal nicely.

MM sunbaking at home and looking after the van! Yellow one in control, as usual.

Went for a ride to the point after that big lunch, then rode back to the c’van park. No sign of rain or a change, so we could have been at the Nat Park all day again.

On return, we learned that someone’s bike was stolen a couple of nights ago. Just as well we’ve been locking ours up. Somehow, we didn’t feel a threat of that description here. We’ll have to make sure that all the fishing gear is packed away after use, which is a bit of a pain.

WA’s school holidays have started today, so everything is booked out and the roads busier.

Have fun everyone!

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