Alroy Station and Yowah

Alroy Station is a sheep and cattle station on the road from Eulo to Quilpie. Mac and Mary, the owners have set up a bush camping area with fireplaces (wood supplied), water taps, kitchen area, a couple of septic toilets and showers. They also have an artesian spa set up in a cut down fibreglass water tank. Plenty of space but unlikely to be crowded.  It was 3 °C inside the caravan this morning so I was glad to have the diesel heater, which I started and opened the shower door so I could have a comfortable shower when I got up.

20170805-4197 BBQ at Alroy Med



I have one other camper here and we had a good chat today, he lost is wife 4 years ago, so we had a lot in common. Her name was Margo, but commonly called Margie, so that was a coincidence. He was lovely, empathetic and was more composed than me in discussing our loss that we both feel deeply. He travels alone in a small car, which he sleeps in and is visiting places he has visited before with his wife.

20170806-4204 Bill at Alroy Med

20170804-4188 Camp at Alroy Station #1 Med









I visited Yowah, an opal town nearby. A complete mess just like every other opal town I have ever visited. Discarded equipment all over the place, junk, rough built houses and lots of places to buy opals. I visited the Bluff, a rocky outcrop 4 Km from town about 50 metres above the plain. It was worth the visit and it provides extensive views over the surrounding country. Nearly hit a kangaroo on the way, just a small bump on his rear end sent him on his way, if I had been towing I definitely would have hit him.

20170805-4190 The Bluff Yowah Med




Met a lovely group also staying at Alroy Station, who have just completed a trip up the Canning Stock Route. Not sure I would like to do it with massive corrugations most of the way. Lots of discarded trailers and cars along the way lots with broken chassis from overloading. We had a great time around the fire last night and I was invited to breakfast which they cooked. A camp oven of sausages, bacon, tomato, onion and other vegetables plus 8 eggs. It tasted excellent I even didn’t notice the coriander. A goulash was also supplied, to be followed by pancakes, jam and whipped cream. What a breakfast. Then we sat around chatting.

20170806-4202 Breakfast Alroy Med

20170806-4206 Breakfast at Alroy Med







I took out the drone to the shearing shed, which was small compared to others I have visited on this trip, but interesting nevertheless.  The country around is so flat and vast just like most of his part of Australia.










I then showed the group the drone and they were fascinated so I took a photo of us all and of their camp, which I emailed to them.












Tomorrow (Monday) I am off to Currawinya National Park for 3 days where I doubt I will have mobile, it is very weak here and I have to use the antenna on my WiFi modem to get enough signal to use the Internet.

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6 Responses to Alroy Station and Yowah

  1. Nadine says:

    Sounds Ike the owners have done a great job! The truck with the pop up bit looks unusual. Haven’t seen one likevrhat before.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Russ, Seems it doesn’t matter where you are in Australia, someone else will be there or nearby. Looks like a pretty comfortable place to stay even if remote. Looks like you are enjoying your travels. Cheers, Chris

  3. David Incoll says:

    Some wonderful drone-made images there, Russ. The country is astonishing in its vastness and colour. Enjoy your trip to Currawinya National Park.

  4. Russ says:

    Yes he bought the truck from one person and then the caravan part from another. I think the caravan part was home made, I think it would go anywhere.

  5. Russ says:

    Hi Chris, good to hear from you, Alroy was a good stay. I have just left Currawinya NP today after 3 days of peaceful relaxation. I was about 300 metres from the next camp and for one day there was only one other camp about 1 Km away. The only sounds were the birds of which there were so many different species. Cheers Russ

  6. Russ says:

    Thanks david, I did enjoy Currawinya the number and variety of birds was amazing, even had a couple of black swans on the waterhole. It was a really peaceful place. Australia is an amazing place, every time you move on you realise how big it is. Today I travelled about 230Km and passed 3 cars going in the opposite direction.

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