Tall Tree Walk

Just when I thought I’d seen the largest trees ever, we did this 30 minute walk.  Facing us throughout another wonderful forest were these massive trees.  I’m running out of descriptions, adjectives – you name it!  The track meanders through the forest for about one and a half kms, with bridges over areas where streams must flow in winter.  Again, moss everywhere and loads of giant trees and tree ferns, growing up to and passed 70 metres, with a lot of fallen trees.  One sign said that winds, bush fires and storms prevent them being more than 400 years old.

130318 Massive Swamp Gum on Tall Trees Walk Mt Field NP Med


Lady Barron Falls

Russ did this walk, saying it was a similar but drier forest to the Tall Tree walk, a more undulating walk with steps in places and twice as long.  Definitely worth the effort though.

130318 Ferns on Walk to lady barron Falls Med

130318 Lady Barron Falls Mt Field NP Med

The weather has been milder today, but with bouts of very fine rain coming through for just long enough for us to decide to move inside, then it’s sunny again.  We had lunch at the cafe today.  Russ had fried snapper, chips and salad, I had soy marinated chicken warm salad.  Both delicious, although, mine a bit dry.

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