Yesterday we had a wonderful picnic at Terrick Terrick National Park, approximately 60kms west of Echuca.  With a backdrop of large granite outcrops, we sat amongst the largest stand of White Cypress (Murray Pine) in Australia, and old Grey Box trees.

Thirty years ago, Russ’ brother Lynton, who is a Botanist, asked us to visit Suggan Buggan, (because Murray Pines growing in that area is very rare), to take a photo of a Murray Pine, but had a head on crash with a Mitsubishi Colt that was coming too fast around a corner.  We had to tow it back to the nearest town and consequently we forgot to take a photo, and here we are picnicking in an area that is surrounded by them!

The bird life was spectacular and we saw many hooded Robins, honeyeaters, kookaburras to name a new.

We drove passed the old homestead and through some of the 1300ha of grasslands, which host both significant flora an fauna values.

Today we are walking into town and will buy fish and chips for lunch and head to our favourite table at the docks to devour them.

This will be our last blog, as we have decided to come home tomorrow.  We have been in touch with Marilyn and we are both looking forward to seeing her next week.  We may head off again in a few weeks or so.

Thanks for reading.

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