This is Wickham’s Grevillea

We were up and about early today. Last night was freezing (must have been zero or less) and this morning, slightly warmer (two degrees). It is so cold at night that, as soon as the sun drops, it seems everyone in camp is in bed by 7pm. It is better to get an early start, get out walking, then come home for a late lunch and rest. This afternoon, we have to pack up, and make our way to Cape Range.

By 10:00am, we were ready to make the descent into Kalamina Gorge, 40kms from camp.

More steps, but then a wonderful walk to the waterfalls, and then a stroll through the lower level of the gorge, with the river cascading over rocks all the way, crossing the shallow river in a few of places.

Stopped at the last river crossing, about 3/4rds of the way to the end and decided to amble back and make the ascent. This bit makes my huff and puff, but Russ bounds up as if he’s a mountain goat (oops).

In the car again and on to Weano Gorge. A long way to drive, over a corrugated and rocky road, but arrived at Oxers Lookout – a short walk took us to a man-made structure overlooking the gorge, at least 100 metres up. We both found it difficult to get to the edge. Russ only took one photo here.

A walk along a narrow track took us to another lookout, where we could see the narrowness of the gorge. Russ thought that in places it might only be one metre wide. The MM were pleased we had left them in the car, as they are ‘gorged’ out, but we think that they are a little bit scared of heights! Yellow MM would be highly insulted and get quite agro if we even hinted anything along those lines.

This is a photo of our camp site at Karijini.

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