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We had a lot of work to today. We are packing up on Sunday, so there was washing to do, a drain to be cleared and stocking up on meat and vegies.

The MM protested about all the boring stuff and insisted on going surfing. They checked out our site number, before setting off, so they knew where to return.

They had a great time! Mr Yellow took control of them all and Mr Orange looked after Mr Green, who always is little scared of new things. They all get along very well and are sharing all their new adventures.

They are back now and are climbing up onto the table to see how great they look with their surfboards.

They returned earlier than expected, because rain is forecast. They are loving being out in the sun and cloudy days are just not their thing!

Looks like I have to think of something substantial for them to eat for their tea – they tell me they are ravenous.

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  1. Rhys and Heath says:

    Hi Nanni and Papa, we love your magnet men stories and we look forward to more pictures and more stories. Soooo cool! love you heaps Rhys and Heath xxx ooo ooooo xxxxxxx.

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