Roadside HakeaWhoopee! a great start to a more user-friendly blog site! Thanks Cam.

More travelling, but we are now at Kalbarri (with a ‘K’, not a ‘C’, as I previously typed). It has been well worth the drive and days in the car, as, even though there are still a few showers, the temperature is in the twenties, and we are hopeful that the morning temps will be at least eight!

After Wave Rock, we travelled to Watheroo National Park, where we went to see Jingemia Cave. We had plans to make it at least an overnight stop, but the park and the cave were fairly disappointing.

Jingemia CavePlodding on, through mostly fertile country, we had a lovely lunch spot on an old road, with a salt lake as a backdrop. We stayed overnight at Coal Seam, which was off the main drag, but well worth the extra kms. The toilet block was closed, otherwise we might have stayed a few days longer.

The Magnet Men had a great time there – stretching there legs, not to mention their arms on the tree and almost losing their balance on the Rhino Ride!! Ahhh. . . relief at the end of all those kms.

Don\'t Buck our M Ms off!

We are now at the top – we have learned on arrival that the places we want to see further north are heavily booked, so tomorrow, after a visit to the National Parks office, will tell us whether we travel we are able to get a site at the Cape Range National Park (NW of Esmouth) [our destination], or whether we travel west to the Pilbara for a month or so.

This site has been less frustrating, but I still don’t know how to wrap text around the photos!

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2 Comments on Travelling from Wangan Hills to Kalbarri

  1. Cam Incoll says:

    Rhys was amazed at the magnet men and was intrigued with how you got them to hang upside down on the tree!


  2. Marg says:

    The Magnet Men have learned a lot of tricks on the trip. They can’t wait to show you their new skills. Weren’t they brave to ride a Rhino?!?

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