Wave Rock continued

Our overnight stop at Wave Rock came at the right time, with the Magnet Men saying “are we there yet, “are we there yet, “are we there yet?” The only thing wrong was that it was so wet and cold they wouldn’t get out of the car! Therefore, they missed out being in any of the pictures.

Wave Rock is a granite cliff, 15 metres high and 110 metres long. Its shape has been caused by weathering and water erosion, which has undercut the base and left a rounded overhang. Water running down the rock from the springs, during wetter months, dissolve minerals, adding to the colouring of the wave. In 1960, crystals from Hyden Rock were dated as being 2700 million years old, amongst the oldest in Australia. We walked around the base of the amazing rock feature, but we too, were pleased to get back inside.

Our little companions were pleased to have a play in puddles this morning and helped Nanni cook breakfast, after a swing on the clothes line to dry out!!

We are heading north to get warmer mornings and hopefully, less rain. We have traveled through more than 600 kms of wheat belt and canola country, all of which looked very healthy. The roadside and country looks very similar to the Wimmera or SA, heading towards Flinders Ranges. Tonight we are staying at Wangan Hills, on our way to Calbarri, where the car needs servicing.

Some words of the day: (town names) – Wyalkatchem, Benjaberring, Nanetcatchem!

Stopped for a pretty average counter lunch at Wyalkatchem. Not nearly as good as previous lunches, made roadside, with Turkish bread from Esperance – YUM.

Here are some of the previous blogs photos – Cape Arid, Frenchmans Peak and Whistling Rock, all at Cape Arid and around Lucky Bay. What a shame it was so cold and wet!!

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