Day 1

We left Esperance, shopped and arrived at Cape Arid at 10am – how good is that! Unfortunately, due to fire, only one camping area is open – Thomas River Shire Park. Great site, fireplace and table, loads of space, surrounded by a thicket of Meleulucas.

A short walk to the Thomas River, which is very shallow, but have found a bend that looks promising for fishing. (No permit required for Seniors!)

At last the bikes were unleashed and Russ and I have had loads of fun riding around the park and to the beach, where we had our eyes glued for whales, reported by the Ranger as being in Qokinup Bay. No luck there.

We are in an area were the rare Ground Parrot is found, but they only survive if the bush hasn’t been burnt for at least fifteen years, so not much chance of spotting one of them either.

Day 2

Freezing start to the deay, but managed our first bacon and eggs for the trip, being adorned with beanies, scarves and gloves. our campsite has a fireplace aqnd tale, the latter is movable, hence into early morning sun.

Russ went for an hour long ride today, to where he thought the burnt out National Park site would be, but instead was delighted to see a garden of many species of bansias, heaths, kennadias etc. etc. etc.
I tried my hand at fishing, without bait, but my lures were not alluring enough! We have decided to head for Cape Le Grand National Park, also on the coast.

Day 3

A miserable day, but only had 100kms to travel. Le Grand was right on a point, receiving all the bad weather, so we went a little further to Lucky Bay – absolutely beautiful coastline, rugged granite boulders and mesas striking a stunning conrast to the aquamarine bays they overlook.

Wave Rock

A long day today, heading north to warmer weather. I’m having trouble with the blog bugs, so will continue with pictures and more info as soon as we get reception again. (Blog bugs fixed by moving off blogger to wordpress.)

Thanks to everyone who has commented. We are having so many problems with the program, we are not able to reply to you. Thanks Kyla, for your comments – tell the kids the magnet men are very, very good and Nanni and Parps will try to remember to be in more of the photos!!

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