A cold front came through after our last blog, so we had an opportunity to catch up on our housekeeping – washing, shopping, cleaning etc., meaning that we had a day home, but warm and feeling virtuous.

I noticed a hairdresser near the bakery that we go to, so I made an appointment to have my hair cut and it is very short, but it was probably the best cut I’ve ever had.

Russ picked me up afterwards and then we went for a short drive to Hawk’s Nest Lookout, where Russ had to walk 420 metres and about 1000 steps to see a wonderful view, then another 100 steps up the 3-tier tower.  Great views to the North, South and West, over the lakes.  I can’t do a walk like that now so I enjoy looking at Russ’s photos.  We enjoyed our first lot of Wallis Lake oysters for tea, tasty, fresh, and not too big.

20150728 View from Hawkes Nest #1 Med 20150728 View from Hawkes Nest South #2 Med

20150728 View from Hawkes Nest West #3 Med

Today we drove about 40 kms to the Northern end of Myall Lakes in Myall Lakes National Park and had lunch, but the wind off the lakes made the chill factor about -8 degrees, and even though it was a lovely place, I can’t say that it was enjoyable.  We weren’t there for long, but had a good look at the three different camp grounds there.  The gas BBQs smelled strongly of gas and didn’t heat the plate, so, fortunately, we had cooked the hamburgers beforehand, so just had cold burgers in bread.  The Kookaburras were not backward in coming forward and the largest landed on our table and gave us the evil eye!

We are moving to Yamba tomorrow, to meet up with Pete and Barb, so we packed up when we got home and we are all ready to go in the morning, making sure we take the remaining 2 dozen oysters with us!

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