What a pleasant surprise.  My last memories, back 35 or so years, were of a desolate place, with rock everywhere.  Well all of the above is still here of course, but now there are well sign posted tracks, taking you to the most beautiful waterholes.  We first visited Bolla Bollana Spring, after inspecting the old Bolla Bollana Copper Smelter.


It’s in extremely good condition and I commented that it must have been built by our nephew, John Youdan!!  The pity was that there wasn’t any information about how they got the ore to the smelter and how they got the copper to the market; just some old rails and ruins left there.


Proceeded to Nooldoo Nooldoona waterhole, where we had lunch in a tranquil setting. More small birds around the waterholes, but unfortunately, we haven’t seen any rock wallabies yet.


We returned via the Pinnacles.

Next day we had another interesting and bumpy ride to Stubbs Waterhole


We walked up the [dry] creek for a while and came across some aboriginal art, in a cave.


We complain about the cold – just imagine their life!

We gathered some wood and Russ was sawing it up, when a helicopter came over – very low – I gave him a wave – next minute we have a helicopter 6 metres, hovering over us, to check out whether or not we needed help.  Exciting, scary – the moral of the story is, don’t wave to the helicopter pilot!

We are leaving tomorrow for Leigh Creek – supplies needed and 3G required, so everyone can know that we are alive.

We are now in Leigh Creek and publishing this blog from here, (it was called Leigh Creek South last time we were here, 23 years ago, but the ‘South’ was dropped after the original Leigh Creek was demolished).  We will head out to Maree to another station stay and maybe out to Lake Eyre, so no more blogs for a while until we get back to 3G territory.

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  1. Nadine says:

    Hi mum and dad. Sounds like you are having fun. Photo look great – how is the camera going?
    Love, deen xx

  2. Rhon says:

    What a hoot! At least you know that Help is at hand if you do need it!!

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