flinders-ranges-2-037-mediumOn our walk yesterday, we passed the perfect place for lunch today.  So, after the most relaxing morning, where I sat outside and did some Sudokos, tea, coffee, Russ was busy preparing his case against Kimberley, inside on the computer.  We had a stale Turkish Pide, left in the bread bag and I had the greatest plans to fill it with all sorts of goodies and make the most delicious lunch to have beside the creek.  Unfortunately, after wrapping it in foil, placing it in the frypan, we ended up with burnt offerings!!  I’ll have to think of another way to achieve the same result.  Nevertheless, I scraped off all the burnt bits and to our surprise, it still tasted pretty good!

flinders-ranges-2-046-mediumI think the setting had something to do with it, even though the day’s temperature is much colder than yesterdays.  It was probably about a 2km walk in to this beautiful spot, but well worth it and we got to speak to a lot of of walkers, both on the start of their journey, or on the return.  We hope you enjoy this picture.  We were hoping for a rock wallaby to come down and drink during the hour we were there, but no such luck.

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