Quobba Day 3

Cold, windy WA forced Russ to erect a shelter, just so we could make a cuppa. what a difference!! Late morning we packed a lunch and headed11kms south to the lagoon, only to discover another camping area. the location was better than our camp but the area was set up with corrugated iron shacks and resembled a “Deliverence”, or Shanty Town effect. After lunching in the one and only shady spot, under a sheeoak, we drove back to the lagoon, where I happily paddled for ages. If only I had had a snorkel and goggles. I still saw green Brain Coral, sea anemones, red, pink and mauve coral and a school of whiting followed me around, eating things my feet were stirring up and some other smaller fish, with a mark like a thumb print on either side – maybe John Dory? This day made me realise how magic it is here, as long as you get into the sea, walk beside it, or fish.

On our way home we were entertained by a large pod of whales, this time just swimming along. 

At Quobba, they use helium balloons to take their casts out (up to 1 km!), to reach the Spanish Mackerel, and hope to bring them in before the sharks get them!  Another unusual event was the owner’s ultralite flight, right next to our camp – must be mad!

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  1. Carol K. says:

    Hi Marg and Russ,
    Thanks for your ‘blog’ site, I think it is great.
    I have enjoyed reading about your travels out in the beautiful desert, and the photos are fantastic too.
    Did you see the memorial for the HMAS Sydney in Geraldton?
    Dad’s g.uncle died on that when it sank, so I have an interest in the ship.
    Anyway, have a fun time for the rest of the trip.

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