Put the car in 4WD and headed up the hill from the creek bed from Gregory River, with me behind, taking photos! It looked easier driving up the hill than it did yesterday, driving down.

100kms of gravel road, first 45kms used by heavy vehicles, going to and from a copper mine, causing deep grooves in the gravel. Hard to get out of them and we encounted one road train; we had to pull over to the side and stop for several minutes afterwards, to allow the dust to settle. The next 55kms weren’t as bad, except for some sections with bad corrugations.

Arrived at Boodjamulla, (Lawn Hill National Park) after 2 hours. Strangely, we both felt a little bit let down as the camping area was not as good as last night. We had difficulty finding a suitable spot, with fence posts preventing access to the designated camping areas, so had to set up on the road, facing into the treed area. No fires allowed.


The Ranger’s office is situated on the path to Lawn Creek, a stunning oasis, in a red/orange sandstone gorge, pandanus palms, and blue/green water, caused by the calcium content.Checked out the canoe rides, which we’ll do one day.There are several paths leading down to the very deep creek for swimming, but with my sore back and having to go in alone, I’m a little reluctant to go in.qld-trip-2007-4-106

We both had cold showers in the afternoon, which were refreshing on such a hot day. Temperature approximately 30 degrees.

Made friends with 2 couples, Ron, Ruth, John and Jill, who all came over for drinks (and to see the van, of course!)


Day 2

Set off early to The Cascades, Wild Dog Dreaming and Lower Gorge. All spectacular, with the sandstone cliffs towering along side, and brilliant white-trunked eucalypts, scattered amongst wattles and melaleucas. Visitors again tonight.

Next day we relaxed, did cryptic crosswords etc. trying to get my back to improve.

Day 4

Walked up to Indarra Falls, quite a hike, but worth every step, which formed the barrier between the upper gorge and the middle gorge (where we are camped). The falls are formed by Calcium Carbonate, that deposits in coral-like, rock hard formations called Tufa. Had a great swim there, then walked up to the look out, where we could see both the upper and the middle gorge.


Next Day we went to Adels Grove for lunch, and to get the number of a chiropractor in Mt Isa, so I can make a booking on the 20th August, when Russ is getting the Prado serviced. We found out that there was a remedial masseur on site, so had my back pummelled after a good lunch. Adels Gorge is 10kms from Lawn Hill and has a beautifully grassed camping ground, supplies, fuel, restaurant and allows fires. The creek wasn’t as wide as at Lawn Hill, but still lovely.

Day 5

Went for our canoe ride today only to find that all were taken, with hours to wait. Every other day there have been plenty to spare! We’ll try again tomorrow morning, before we leave. Decided to drive to check out a camp site we’re book into next, at Miyumba; another section of Lawn Hill. This was a very small area, not on the creek, quite dry and dusty, so have decided to move up 140kms north to Kingfisher Camp, on the Nicholson River, South West of Burketown.

Headed out, without the canoe ride. Maybe next time.

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