Gammon Ranges & Wilmington

I took a couple of additional photos of our camp at Weetootla Gorge before we moved on, one at sunset and another at dawn, I just love the colours you get in the sky.

On the way to Wilmington we travelled through 130 Km of dirt roads and roadworks so our cars and vans have copious layers of mud. When we stopped to gather some firewood I used my spade to remove about 10 Kg of mud off the steps of Deens camper. We drove down through the Flinders Ranges National Park and stopped for a photo at Rawson’s Bluff which was in full sun while the range had low cloud above it.

At Wilmington we stayed at Stoney Creek Bush Caravan Park a nice bushy park, not too crowded, and the manager makes delicious pizzas which we devoured for dinner. The next day we headed for Mt Remarkable National Park and Alligator Gorge for a picnic lunch and look around. It is a lovely park we walked to the two gorge lookouts before our BBQ lunch.

The bush along the walk was dotted with grass trees and a number of wildflowers, I think that the wildflowers here would be a wonderful display in spring.

Here is a view across the country from the road down from the top. It was a day of mixed weather as the clouds show, but we were lucky that we didn’t get any rain while we were walking and picnicking.

In the valleys around Mt Remarkable, one of the highest peaks in the Flinders, there are many massive and beautiful River Red Gums that farmers have left in their paddocks, rather than clear felling as is usually done.

On the way back to camp we passed through Melrose, another small town, where there was the Jacka Brothers Brewery, unfortunately not open until later in the day, but the old brewery building was worth a photo.

The next day we moved on to Cobdogla, a small town on the Murray about 35 Km from Renmark. I did wake a bit early and managed another dawn photo from our camp, it was cloudy and very chilly, but worth the effort.

We will be staying at Cobdogla for two nights before moving back to Green Lake near Sea Lake and then home. Tomorrow we will visit Banrock Winery Cafe and wetlands.

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2 Responses to Gammon Ranges & Wilmington

  1. Rosalie Arnold says:

    Thanks Russ great pics and comments a wonderful trip accompanied by your daughter. Do me a favour and drive through the Main Street of Berriwillock my old stomping ground Melbourne side of Sea Lake

  2. Russ says:

    Rosalie we went through Berriwollock on the way up, I think I blinked and missed it!

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