East MacDonnells – Trephina Gorge

On our last day at Ross River we visited Trephina Gorge which we walked down and climbed the rim to a high point to get a different perspective of the gorge.  Deen also took a selfie of us both with the gorge in the background.

Approach to Trephina Gorge
The sheer Quartzite cliff typical of Trephina Gorge

Trephina Gorge has a 90° bend about 200 metres down the gorge. Another feature of the gorge is the wonderful red gums growing on the floor of the gorge and among the rocks.

The bend in Trephina Gorge
Trephina Gorge after the bend
Looking down and back to the entrance of Trephina Gorge and the range beyond

There was some aboriginal artwork under an overhang as well.

After that we called in to see a massive ghost gum, a beautiful tree in such a harsh environment. Red gums have a similar white trunk but it is speckled with patches of grey bark whereas the ghost gum is pure white.

Then Deen drove 4 Km down a goat track to John Hayes waterhole, a really rough road with lots of rocks, sometimes it was hard to distinguish the road from the creek as both were strewn with rocks.  At times the road did go along the creek bed anyway.  The effort was worth is as it was a beautiful waterhole. There is no information on who John Hayes was.

Approaching John Hayes waterhole

In the photo above the rough path is in the centre bottom of the photo, this is similar to the road.

John Hayes waterhole

To finish our time here we decided to have dinner at the Ross River Pub which was a delicious cottage pie and veggies.  Tuesday we head back to Alice Springs on the start of our journey home.   We heard that the Oodnadatta track has been closed between William Creek and Maree so that may give us some grief if it’s still closed when we need to go on it.

Now at Kulgara set up for the night and on checking the road it is OK to William Creek, we just to hope they don’t get rain tomorrow. It’s a bit ironical that Maree received no rain for the entire month of May by June 5th they had received 9 mm on the 3rd and 1 mm on the 4th.

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5 Responses to East MacDonnells – Trephina Gorge

  1. Lesley Beasley says:

    Your travelogue has been great Russ. Stunning photos and excellent commentary. ?

  2. Russ says:

    Thanks Lesley keeps me busy especially when you have no Internet for 3 days.

  3. Afton says:

    Hope the track is open for you. On the ABC today they were speaking about all the water going into Lake Eyre.

  4. Russ says:

    Fingers crossed we will be OK. I heard the pilot who will fly us over the lake talking about the water filling the lake on the ABC this morning, it sounds great so I do hope we can do it.

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