Uluru Field of Lights

Last night we attended the Field of Lights show which is held on the top of a sand dune near town facing Uluru. It was a fantastic show and I would recommend anyone visiting here to see this show. A bus picked us up at the entrance of the camping ground at 5.30 pm and took us to the dune where we were greeting with a chilled glass of Australian Sparkling. We found a seat and enjoyed sipping several glasses while being served delicious canapés. The view of Uluru as the sun set was wonderful in itself as the rock changed colour as the sun dropped in the sky.

The field of lights then started to show in the foreground.

At the same time we were also being entertained by incredibly fast moving tiny hopping mice. They emerged from under a dense bush to dash out and grab a crumb and then dash back. They moved so fast I had plenty of photos of red dirt as they moved faster than I could take a shot even with my finger poised on the shutter button. There must have been about 20 in the family of mice. Here are a couple of photos I managed to get. There are four in the photo on the left, their tails were about 10 cm long at least with a 1cm bushy end to it.

At the same time the sky behind us was putting on its own wonderful display. The big blob is the moon and the other is Venus.

Now it was dark we walked down the dune and among the lights. It was just wonderful. The lights cover an area of 49,000 square metres and there are 50,000 individual lights of all sorts of colours and all hand made. Even the cabling joining the lights to the solar generated electricity added to the image as they glowed with reflected light. Here are a couple of close up photos so you can see the cables and the globes.

The photos below will speak for themselves. To take the photos we had to turn our flashes off and use night mode which held the shutter open for between 2 and 3 seconds during which we had to hold the camera still, not an easy task so one or two are blurred.

This photo is a bit blurred but it does show some stars in the sky, which made there own field of lights.

The photo below shows the pathway into and between groups of lights, the yellow circles are the path lights. You can also see some shadowy Desert Oaks in the photo.

The glow in the background in the photo below is created by the lights of Yulara.

You can just pick up a couple of stars near the two taller trees, there were plenty of other stars but they were not captured by the camera.

In this final photo you can see a display of lights in the air behind the field of lights. This was a moving pattern of lights that was constantly changing. It was hard to work out what the display represented and harder to get a reasonable photo because the shutter was open for 3 seconds and the lights were changing constantly. This is the best I could do, many did not capture any image.

So that is my collection of photos of a wonderful evening’s entertainment. We wended out way across the field of lights to the bus and were dropped off at camp at about 8 pm, the whole event from pickup to drop off was 2-1/2 hours.

It will be nice to not have to pack and leave in the morning. We plan to visit Uluru tomorrow and have a picnic lunch somewhere. If you would like to be notified by email when I post a new blog, just enter you email address and click Subscribe.

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2 Responses to Uluru Field of Lights

  1. Marnie Ward says:

    That looks so amazing, what a wonderful experience. Love to you both, Marns xo

  2. Russ says:

    Hi Marns, it was a wonderful experience, we are really enjoying this holiday together. We are now at Kings Canyon, it is a beautiful sunny day but the wind is freezing. Deen had a cold shower which didn’t start her day too well. I have a shower in my van and a diesel heater so I was quite warm. It was 5°C inside before I turned the heater on this morning, but very warm under a doona and two cotton blankets, one doubled. Love Russ xo

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