Mt Eliza to Sea Lake

Deen and I set off for a 5-1/2 week holiday to the Eyre Peninsula and Central Australia on my birthday, May 12th. We are so looking forward to the trip as we have booked this trip three times in the past only to have to cancel each one because of COVID lockdowns. It is an important trip because one reason for the trip is to scatter the last of Marg’s ashes at Memory Cove in the wilderness part of Lincoln National Park. Even then we had to get special clearance to go to Memory Cove as they are repairing the road in the week we are visiting. NPWS wanted to cancel our booking but, on hearing the tale of woe, made special arrangements with the road contractor to let us in. Our first stop was at Green Lake near the town of Sea Lake in the Mallee. It is a lovely rustic campsite for $10 each a night for a power site. We met up with a friend of Deen’s, Dey and her dog Marla who was camped at Green Lake to collect a solar panel from Deen. We absolutely loved our first campfire and the wonderful sunset.

After setting up camp we drove into Sea Lake to see the silo art. It is good but in my opinion would have been much better if the girl was facing the viewers.

A nearby silo had a couple of emus which were good and an echidna which was behind a bush in the silo photo.

We then visited Lake Tyrrell a nearby salt lake that has had the salt harvested since the late 1800’s. It can have a pink tinge at times but not the dat we visited. There were interesting reflections of bushes and the clouds in the water of the lake.

So it was an excellent start to our holiday. On the way to Sea lake we stopped to view the silos at Nulliwal which had an excellent painting of a farmer with his Kelpie.

Tomorrow we head off to Morgan on the Murray in SA and the next day down to Cowell on the shores of Spencer Gulf on the Eyre Peninsula, we will then have covered just under 1400Km, Australia is a big island.

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6 Responses to Mt Eliza to Sea Lake

  1. Barb Gifford says:

    Happy Birthday Russ, have a fantastic trip. We look forward to reading about your travels.

  2. Marnie Ward says:

    Have a wonderful time Russ. Give D a hug from me and take one for yourself. Stay safe. Love Marns xo

  3. Chris Bissill says:

    Hey Russ, what a momentous trip, hope it goes well with fond wishes and memories of Marg, must have been a special place and glad they allowed you in. Hope you trip goes well with good company in Nadine. Finally, very happy birthday, albeit belated. Cheers Chris

  4. Russ says:

    Thanks Chris It is an emotional trip but one we both have been waiting for through COVID. Yesterday was an emotional but very satisfying day at Memory Cove. Thanks for the birthday greetings, it seems so long ago but only a week.

  5. Russ says:

    Thanks Marns, assignment completed Love Russ

  6. Russ says:

    Thanks Barb and belated birthday wishes to you, a big one for us both next year! I hope your Wooli holiday was a good one. Love Russ

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