Mt Eliza to Barmah (Morning Glory)

I’m on the road again this time travelling through Victoria and NSW visiting silo and water tower/tank art, sculptures in the bush and some National Parks along the way. There are something like 30 silos and water towers that have been painted since my last big trip in 2019 so this trip will fill in the gaps. The first stop was at Redesdale between Kyneton and Heathcote. It was a small tank alongside a sports ground depicting farming scenes and a bushfire.

Next stop was at Colbinabbin 50 Km west of Murchison. This silo site had been well landscaped with a big viewing area, a car park and a picnic area with a few tables, a bit of an exception. There was also a cafe in town at the general store so the town was giving the visitors a chance to spend money. Many of the small towns I visit do not have even a general store let alone a cafe. The silo art across seven silos was excellent, but the sun behind the silos made photography difficult.

In painting the silos the artists used 360 litres of primer and 580 litres of matt finish coat plus 70 litres of anti graffiti paint.

The next stop was Tatura where the single water tower was carefully positioned behind multiple power lines and buildings, making photography a bit of a challenge. It is very poetic that the tower that celebrates Sir John Monash with his image, is painted on a water tower he designed and was built in 1912. The tower has a water capacity of 364,000 litres and has remembrance poppies on the other side.

On to Picola where a small silo features the Superb Parrot, on a backdrop of the nearby Barmah National Park and some of the native flora and fauna found in the region. It was painted by Melbourne-based artist Jimmy D’Vate, whose work is also featured on the Goorambat Silos (a wonderful team of Clydesdales and a Barking Owl)

I stopped for the weekend at Morning Glory Resort on the Murray in NSW between Barmah and Echuca. My daughter Nadine joined me for the weekend and we had a relaxing but busy time planning a November group camping weekend, our 50th camp! We managed a BBQ in the Barmah national park at one of the few camping and picnic areas not under water. Campfire chats were enjoyed for three nights but rain forced us inside on Sunday where age triumphed in a few very enjoyable games of Risk Express. I was lucky, skill had no part of it. Tomorrow I head into NSW to Lockhart.

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  1. deen says:

    I’m glad you acknowledged skill had no part of your win! It was a great weekend despite my loss. 🙂

  2. Russ says:

    I have always told you don’t believe everything you read!

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