Barmah to Lockhart

From Barmah I travelled to Katamatite to see if the silo there had been painted, as proposed, but it was still bare concrete. So on to Walla Walla near Wagga Wagga as it happens, maybe they needed two goes to get the name right! I headed for the tower but lost sight for a minute and then found I was going down a dead-end street toward a mobile tower, I had thought the aerials I could see over the roofs were on the water tower. I was so lucky I could just manage a U turn at the end of the street as I had the caravan in tow. As usual there is something in the area to detract from the photo, this time bollards and warning tape.

The next water tower was in Lockhart Shire at Yerong Creek. The painting on this tower was a very new one and in a nicely landscaped area, once the plants grow. The tower depicted activities of the local population. It is the third tower painted in the Lockhart council area and was finished this year. I don’t especially like the deliberate blurring of the edges and cartoon like depiction of the main features in the artwork, but it is very colourful.

The next stop on the way to Lockhart was to Milburlong still in the Lockhart shire and this tower was the second one painted in the shire. The tower is a concrete tank positioned on tall concrete piles and depicts Eastern Rosellas.

I set up camp at the council run caravan park at Lockhart, a delightful caravan park on a small creek with a park on the other side of the creek. After setting up I went for a wander through town and found sculptures along the way. They were very well done and made out of scrap metal, bits of machinery, chains, wire, mesh, household appliances, basically anything that you could weld. The horse and wagon below won the National Farm Art Award in 2010. The wagon is planted with colourful annuals that are not yet in bloom. It would look great with them in flower.

At the entrance to the caravan park is a Murray Cod jumping after a small fish, but it’s hard to see the samll fish in the photo. On the edge of the is a mob of kangaroos and across the bridge is a monster.

Finally there was a sculpture made out of corrugated iron (except for the car) depicting a carload of people heading for a dance, you can see a couple dancing on the left of the building.

I enjoyed the stroll, not much traffic, lots of parks and tress and creative sculpture. I also called in at the water tower in Lockhart that I visited last time I was here, so I haven’t included a photo of that just the wagtails painted near the base of the tower and a horse sculpture in the garden next to the tower.

Tomorrow I will drive to a couple of water tower art sites and walk around sculptures in a bushland area in Lockhart.

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2 Responses to Barmah to Lockhart

  1. RHONDA ONEILL says:

    Well Russ
    You are off to a great start with all the fabulous tower artwork as well as the interesting sculptures. It is still hard for me to imagine how these are done. The sheer height and size of these structures beggars belief that the artists can get perspective to do these from close up. Hopefully you are getting some warmer weather and you have been fortunate to miss the high winds we had last night. Lots of calls out to SES to attend trees down. In fact I missed my walking group this morning due to a tree across Aura Vale Rd.
    Travel safe and hope you continue to enjoy each new adventure.
    Rhonda ???

  2. Russ says:

    It has been a good start and no high winds here, just a little overnight rain last night. The forecast is for lots of rain tomorrow so it may be a day inside or in the car. These artists have an amazing skill and must have no fear of heights. Lots of Love Russ

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